modem Vulnerability Test

The modem security evaluation tool automatically checks your modem security issues. For this purpose, it is necessary to visit this system through your Internet connection. The tool automatically detects the IP address of your modem. The vulnerabilities and security defects investigated by this tool are:
1) Rom0 vulnerability
2) Access to the admin panel vulnerability
3) DNS change vulnerability
4) Modem port status
5) Default modem password test (beta)
6) Path traversal vulnerability
It should be noted that performance of the evaluation by this system does not pose a risk to your modem or your computers, and only to inform you of possible security defects and Fix them.

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The Maher and University of Tabriz CERT are not responsible for any abuse of this tool.
Any abuse of this tool will be prosecuted by the user.
By accepting these rules, the user declared its consent to automatically assess the modem security of the system.